Hi my name is Jake Cassaday .
I have been a dog owner and lover for my entier  life. I bought my first Flatcoated Retriever about 15 years ago . His name was Strider . He won my heart . I had  found my breed.. With the help of his breeder we decided  to show him to a Championship . In a very short time and a quick 5 majors wins later  I had my first champion flatcoat !
.  Stider  was my best friend and my first Flatcoated .Retriever .Over the last 12 years or so and with the help of many friends in the F.latcoat community . I have had the privilege of finishing  9 of my Flatcoats as AKC Registered Champions Five  have been finished in the Breed By class .Also Three have  reached the Grand champion level  .
I have been involved with breeding for about 10 years .I  breed and welp my own litters . My puppies are in my home with lots of hands on love and socializing
It is a lot of hard work to raise pups and train dogs .The reward is to  to work at improving and continuing  our breed and  have owners tell me how much they love their new best friend .

   Currently  eleven   flatcoats share my home . Its fun every day !!.